Shell Cordovan Leather

Photo Shell Cordovana Toscana

The Story of Shell Cordovan Leather.

Shell Cordovan is a small production company that was established in 2015 and has become a globally recognized brand "Shell Cordovan Toscana Italia".

In 2020, with already one of the best horse hides on the market, they decided to offer a wider variety of carefully selected vegetable tanned hides. They buy directly from the tanners, or they select only the best products.

To meet the needs and requirements of their customers around the world. Over the years, the tannery has built a solid reputation for quality and craftsmanship, which is now recognized around the world.

Cordovan Leather From The Shell Cordovana Tannery

Shell Cordovan Leather:

Shell cordovan (or cordovan) is a world famous vegetable tanned leather, made of a specific layer of horse leather - the "cordovan".

Cordovan is only found in equine leather and scientifically its nature is closer to cartilage than skin.

The "Cordovan Cognac" Leather From The Shell Cordovan Tannery

Cordovan is made by shaving the rumps of tanned horses. A horse's rump yields just two oval pieces of cordovan, with each shell having a unique shape and size.

Van Vogh "VG" Leather From The Shell Cordovan Tannery

Van Vogh "VG" Leather

VG" stands for Van Gogh, whose artistic style inspired the creation of this leather item.

VG is made from the highest quality, vegetable tanned horse brows, purely hand dyed in a very traditional way.

This is a vegetable tanned Tuscan "vacchetta" leather, made from horse hide renowned for its tight grain, durability and taut texture.

Shell Cordovan "VG Caramel" Leather
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