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Picking Irons

Sinabroks biting irons.
Sinabroks biting irons are made of solid brass and have a pleasant weight to use. They are designed to prevent rust due to the solid brass material. The tooth width is 2.2mm and creates very clean slots for all wires. All prongs are polished to easily pierce thick leather and removed without any issues. These quilting irons will really develop your hand sewing efficiency and produce extremely clean seams. Sinabroks teeth are fine, so you don't need to work with an awl. And the biting irons are replaceable the broken or bent tooth with a new one if you have a problem with the tooth while working using a replacement kit.
You will have a before and after in your work, this tool will greatly facilitate the way you are going to work.


The Adjustable Sewing Clamp

The Adjustable Sewing Clamp
The adjustable sewing clamp from DreamFactory is made from beautiful birch and is fully adjustable. Manufactured to be fixed to your work plan, it will be able to be placed at your choice, for a good position for sewing. The jaws are spring loaded to the open position so when you open the jaws there is always tension. This avoids that loose feeling and ensures that the jaws are always square when you close them. The jaws are also magnetic, so you can place your needles there for quick access!
To use the crank, simply place your leatherwork between the jaws and the tension when closed will hold it firmly in place, making hand sewing easier. Additionally, this version has magnetic needle holders installed in the wooden jaws to keep the needles ready for use as you adjust the leather. A tool that makes a difference in your daily life, its adaptation to any support will make your sewing work easier.


Edge Beveler

Edge Beveler Palosanto

The edge beveler of Palosanto are made in HSS-M2 giving them a high hardness with a high quality blade edge finish is of superior durability. African black wood is one of the finest woods with certain dignities and a most functional design. It gives a feeling of stability when used with a good texture and a weight that is most balanced.
A superior tool that will delight you when using it to work your leather outlines.

Barry King


Maul Barry King

Barry King mallets are proudly made in the USA. These leather handled mallets are all handcrafted in Sheridan Wyoming and may vary slightly from piece to piece. Perfect for the passionate leather craftsman, these weighted mallets are made of leather, nylon and brass to deliver outstanding performance for life. Weights may vary due to the handcrafted nature of the mallets. This tool will literally change, your arm will thank you in the long run for having acquired one of these mallets. The mallet will make your work with the biting irons easier.



Kemon Vancraft Skiving

KemovanCraft is a manufacturer of leather goods at prices more accessible to all. The materials used are not premium materials, however remain very good quality products at competitive prices for everyone. The stripping knife with a D2 steel blade is used to cut the flesh side of the leather. It is made with a cocobolo, African rosewood and ebony handle. Used to cut the flesh side of leather. Can be used with a grooving tool.

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