FGLeatherco Discover Who We Are

Our mission

FGLeatherco is a French/Canadian leather goods company that manufactures 100% handmade products by an artisan in Quebec.
(wallet, card holder, satchel, pouch, belt and small bags).

For customers who love authenticity, originality and the rustic side of the product.

Who are looking for organic, natural and non-toxic products.

For prices at the top of the range, FGLeatherco items are intended for people who care about the human relationship and who are looking for a story behind a product.

A top-of-the-range artisanal approach that respects the production qualities, originality and authenticity of its products.

For people who want to support the local economy.

Our vision

FGLeatherco's vision is to become a recognized company in the leather market. With a beautiful range of products through its collections.

To be identified and appreciated for our values and know-how.

To have our own shop to be able to strengthen the human side of this customer/craftsman relationship.

FGLeatherco wishes to be a company recognized locally for its approach to associating and working with other craftsmen.

Our values

The FGLeatherco company has as its main value, to show the passion, the pride and the accomplishment of the work of craftsmanship.

Promote the quality and sustainability of handmade products.

Each product is unique and should make both the craftsman and the customer proud to own it.

Give people back the pleasure of acquiring and owning something that tells a story.

Explain and show the youngest what is the profession of craftsmanship. FGLeatherco wishes to convey the passion and pride of handmade work.

We want through FGLeatherco to return to a human purchasing relationship, which consists of sharing and exchanging between a craftsman and the consumer.

Allow to return to a local and artisanal manufacture of products and to a human and non-industrial value.

To favor the local economy as far as possible through our suppliers and partners.

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