Tasman Leather Group

The History of Tasman Leather Group

Since their founding in 1947, TASMAN has become a household name in the leather industry. With over 70 years of experience and expertise, they have strengthened their business strategy to become a major US hardware supplier to the global leather market. Plus, they're dedicated the resources to produce jaw-droppingly beautiful leather on American soil again. Superior quality straight from the source and a rich, elegant product delivered straight to your doorstep. Tasman Industries, Inc. and its affiliates are the artists behind the masterpiece. TASMAN, the American brand.

Their Philosophy

Their philosophy is simple... To provide the highest quality products and the best services. To achieve this, they insist that their employees, partners and affiliated brands always act with the end user in mind. It's because they love doing what they do, every day, that they can pour your hearts and souls into the products and services they provide to us.

They pride themselves on providing you with American service. Superior quality and class, bringing pride back to the "Made in America" ​​brand.

Their Mission

They are committed to providing the global leather community with the highest quality products and services. They are committed to creating value for their customers and suppliers by sourcing specific products globally and vertically integrating their production to its maximum potential. Tasman will uphold the highest ethical standards in their dealings with their customers, suppliers, employees, community and environment.

Their Vision

The TASMAN family and their brands are dedicated to rejuvenating American manufacturing and the "Made in America" ​​brand. They work tirelessly to provide a product to show the world what American manufacturing is all about. They put their heart and soul into their products to provide you with the quality that every customer will come to demand and respect. It's not a job, it's their life.

The Tasman Leather Group

After acquiring their tannery in Hartland, Maine, which is currently responsible for 100% of their "Made in USA" leathers, they also became owners of many original formulas of some of the most popular leathers in our industry today.

These precious formulas are the original recipes of Crazy Horse TM , Pitstop, Rage, Renegade, etc. With specialties focusing on footwear, military, apparel, handbags, hospitality, and design, etc., we have plenty of options to choose from and better service.

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