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The brands we use

The worker who wants to do his job well, begins by equipping himself with good products. This will save him time and guarantee superior durability for his products.

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Tokonole product

Tokonole is a water-based alternative to gum tragacanth, and it's popular with leatherworkers around the world. It's what we use for all of his edge work - including the 'edges of our wallets'. You must apply the tokonole with a stiff fabric like the canvas. If you want it, you could cut the tokonole with just a little water, in order to dilute it. For our part, we use the original material directly on our leathers. It is important that the pressure you exert during polishing must be delicate so as not to damage your product.
Tokonole helps reduce heat generated during burnishing, helping to prevent discoloration and darkening of edges. Combined with very fine sandpaper, cloth, and the right technique, you'll be able to polish the edges to a high shine.
In addition to edge burnishing, tokonole can also be used to "glue" the flesh side of most leathers using a wooden smoother or the glass smoothing plates we sell in our shop.

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Reina Aquilium 315 Glue

Aquilium 315 Glue Aquilim 315 is a water based contact adhesive for forming permanent bonds and can be used to make almost any leather project we do. When it comes to leather adhesion with Aquilim, it is comparable to solvent-based contact adhesives in terms of bond strength. Not only do we use Aquilim 315 for its resistance, but also for the non-toxic and more ecological side for us and the consumer.
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 Smith'All Natural

Leather Care Balm

Smith's All Leather Leather Conditioner Smith's Leather Balm is a non-toxic leather conditioner designed to restore worn leather and protect new leather goods.
It is a product that can be applied by hand in complete safety. A substitute for toxic products that may excite on some shelves, which are harmful chemicals and warning labels.
This balm is the perfect choice for large applications, furniture, bags or multiple pairs of shoes and boots. It will last 1-2 years for most customers.
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