Meet the Man, the Artisan and the Entrepreneur

The man

His name is Flavien, call him Flav. He is a Franco/Canadian man from the Paris region, who has now lived in Montreal, Canada for 10 years.

Before that, he used to go with his backpack wherever his dreams took him, unattached, he traveled around the world and had the opportunity to visit and live in many beautiful places.
And he is very grateful for that.
If he tells you all this, it is so that you know him a little better.
-The Real Him-

After working for different companies in several places, he knows settled in Montreal, where he met his wife and formed his small family.
However, life sometimes brings us its share of difficulty to overcome.
And as far as he's concerned, it's been illness, he's been seriously ill for the past three years.
And following that a whole process is developing around this new stage in his life.
He decided that the most important things were mainly to enjoy his children and his family. And to do what pleases him most of all.

The Contractor

His health problem led him to wonder about his future.

He is what is called an autodidact, and his passion for craftsmanship and leather naturally led him to leather goods.

The idea of the project to develop his business in this area gained momentum. The passion and the desire for this new challenge led him to research the leather craftsmen present in Montreal.

He was quite surprised at this precise moment of his research, because he found that there was a real lack in this field of activity.

Following this, he started to really believe in the chances of this project and to prospect more and more through the sites and stores related to leather crafts.

Once the decision was made that the project was feasible, that there was potential in this sector of activity.

FGLeatherco was born.

The Craftsman

He started to learn through different mediums, whether using tutorials, blogs or videos.

He learned about how to work leather, he learned about what types of leather and learned to identify the most suitable and most demanded leathers in this sector of activity.

He also researched and located the best suppliers and future partners. He has, over time, analyzed and learned several ways and ways of working with leather.

Also, to identify and acquire the appropriate tools to be able to make the products.

This allowed him to create and improve and to be able to present his work to you now.

He wishes to create and give happiness through his creations and to connect with people, which makes him happy while doing what he loves.

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