The Conceria Puccini "Koala" Leather We Use For Our Small Leather Goods

Conceria Puccini Attilio Tannery

Conceria Puccini Attilio's "Koala" Leather Use By FGLeatherco

The leather we use for our small leather goods.


Is one of the oldest articles of the Puccini tannery.

It is made on the highest quality cow shoulders of French origin and is 100% vegetable tanned, firm in temper and beautiful in color.

The KOALA is smooth, full grain, the fattening is done with Sego, according to the old recipe of our Tannery, and other natural oils in order to give elasticity and richness to the leather.

The tanning method using natural tannin extracts from Quebracho and Chestnut gives the leather a good firm structure and good elasticity.

This item browns perfectly and is easy to work with by hand and sewing machine.

KOALA will develop a beautiful, rich patina over time and use, which is typical of natural vegetable tanned leather.

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